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How do you find new sites on the web? One way is to hop on Neocities and scroll through the "most recently updated" and other categories.

a n o t h e r  w a y  is to visit random web pages without knowing ahead of time what they are.

I used my favorite search engine to look for random page generators.

This one led me to Daryl's Computer Hobby Page, this extraordinary waste of your life, a free online flashlight, and this valuable tool.

I wanted another way to explore the web, so I opened up my dictionary, wrote down a handful of words, and took them to the address bar in >my favorite web browser with a couple of TLDs. My very first attempt was a winner:


Aardwolf.com "is is a unique and free text based roleplaying game" with a pleasingly retro webpage, while


gets you the homepage of the American Birding Association.


. . . is not going to abate even a little, because like me, its creators have discovered the marquee tag! It's the website of ABATE of Ohio (American Bikers Aimed Toward Education), a motorcycle awareness group.

Those are the best web pages from the first page of "a" words in the dictionary. Maybe later, there will be more.

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