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It's Been A While


It's not that the days are all the same, it's just that I've had the hardest time getting online this year. Not in terms of technical difficulties, just - when I'm at work I have to do work stuff, and when I'm not at work I can't be bothered to look at a computer for any reason. Which doesn't bode all that well for this "learn HTML eventually" plan. Next time: content??

posted by MFSE| 08/04/2021

A Bee Just Landed


A big fluffy bee just landed on the table in front of me. It sat very still and moved its little bug-eyed head around and then sat even stiller. I waited a long time for it to fly away but it never did, not until I reached for the keyboard.

posted by MFSE| 06/04/2021

Back to the Blog


It's been a long time! I got busy and forgot to learn HTML. Today I made new page to practice a d d i n g  s p a c e s  to the text.

I'm listening to        "Dolly Parton's America"    as I finish this blog entry.

posted by MFSE| 03/29/2021



I've made an appointment with myself to work on this website, and it's today! So I'm updating this page, listening to FAQ NYC for the first time in forever, and taking a few hours off work to stare at HTML. Wish me luck, reader(s)!

posted by MFSE| 03/02/2021

The Unidirectional Time Machine


. . . still needs work. So does this page! I'm working on the nav bar today, only haven't figured out how to make it a bar. I'm going to poke around in the Inspeector a bit and see what I can do.

An Update to the Blog


This "blog" is still just in test mode; it may or may not get fancier with time. All I'm doing now is messing with the HTML to see what it does - and proving that I can add new entries on top of the old, I guess.

100 Days


Hey everyone!

There's a hundred-day blog-every-day challenge called 100 Days to Offload. I decided to take the challenge! It won't be here, because HTML is still too much trouble. I'm just going to "blog" in a notebook at home. This defeats one half of the purpose (the bit where you share your random thoughts with anyone who happens by) but not the other half (the daily word-producing discipline).

I figure it's just as good because the chances of anyone coming across a public "blog" of mine are roughly equal to the chances of a random burglar stealing and then reading my notebook.



This may be a blog one of these days.

In any case, it's a page.